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Privacy Policy

Experience KL Oy appreciates your initiative in visiting our homepage and exploring our services!

Created on 9th of May 2018

While you are using our services we may ask you for personal information.
Answering these questions is always voluntary. Your personal information will be saved and handled according to the Finnish Data Protection Acts.
Personal information collected via our home pages will be used either for drawing up a contract or processing your contact.
Your information may also be handled and used for consulting, marketing and information purposes only if you have given your express consent for this.
Register information and Privacy Policy according to the Personal Information Act (523/99) 10 §


Experience KL Oy
Pajuluomantie 20
93540 Tyrövaara, Finland
Business ID: 2247967-3


Experience KL Oy

Register name

Experience KL Oy customer register


Personal information may be used for the following purposes:
For analysing and profiling for targeting Experience KL Oy marketing, advertising and/or direct marketing. Website and services communications, managing customer relationships, market research and direct e-marketing according to the Personal Data Act and Electronic Communications Data Protection act.


The personal information register may contain the following information about the registered person:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Company and address details
  • Date of birth
  • Newsletter reader subscription information and website behaviour
  • Analysis and profile information
  • User IP-address, browsing and country information
  • Browser type, operating system
  • Offer history or information on other contacts
  • Livechat contacts and information
  • Registration data
  • User id, password or other id
  • Payment information, card details or bank account
  • Customer feedback information
  • Subscription information
  • Other potential information collected with the user’s consent

The website might contain cookies from third parties (affiliates), such as monitoring and surveillance services. Third parties may set cookies on your terminal device while you visit the website.


The register is compiled from Experience KL Oy customer information and possibly from public internet sources or tools.


Statistical data is collected for the register while subscribing to products or services. The register holder does not disclose website behaviour data to third parties. We may disclose your personal information for various purposes according to the current Personal Data Act. The information you’ve given via the site may be given to the following, amongst others:

1. Service providers participating in the implementation of the site and our services
2. Payment service providers
3. Affiliates for marketing purposes, unless you have expressly refused this
4. The authorities if the law or other important advantage requires it


According to clause 26 of the Personal Data Act the registered person has the right to review the information about him/her contained in the register. The request must be made in writing, signed and sent to the person in charge of register matters mentioned above.

In addition, according to clause 29 of the Personal Data Act the registered person has the right to demand that incorrect information about him/her be corrected. The request for correction must identify the mistake and notify us of the correct information. The written correction request must be sent to the person in charge of register matters mentioned above.

Customer service will respond to questions and feedback concerning the register within two working days.


Information may be removed if the registered person demands it or if a newsletter subscription is cancelled.


Personal information is kept confidential. The information network of Experience KL Oy and the server affiliate and the design system, where the register is possibly located, is protected by a firewall and all other technical means necessary.


The registered person has the right to refuse the disclosure of his/her information or its handling for direct marketing and other marketing purposes.


Cookies are small text files that are copied from the webpage onto your hard drive.
Cookies won’t damage your computer and they don’t contain viruses.
The cookies on our webpage don’t collect any personal information and you may block them in your browser’s settings at any time.
The cookies on our website are used mainly for collecting data anonymously and for improving user features. Sometimes cookies may be useful for other special purposes, too.


The Experience KL Oy website contains embedded “share” buttons, so that the user can share information via social network channels such as Facebook and Twitter.
These websites may set up cookies while you are logged in.
Experience KL Oy cannot affect the installation of these cookies or their use.
You’ll find more information about the cookies of third parties on the homepages of these companies.


We use Google Analytics software to survey our visitors; this is provided by Google Inc. (hereafter “Google”).
The JavaScript code for the surveillance software is run on every page downloaded from the service. Google Analytics identifies the user with the so-called cookies which are text files saved on your computer by the browser. Information regarding the use of the website is handled and saved on Google servers.

User information collected via cookies is anonymous. The user can block cookies from his/her browser settings. This might prevent the user from benefiting from all the functions of the site. By using this site the user agrees to Google’s purposes in collecting information as mentioned above.

In addition to the user surveillance softwares mentioned above there may be other similar softwares running on the Experience KL Oy site.
The use periods of these softwares are typically not constant and in most cases their purpose is to test the software for other requirements of Experience KL Oy rather than to analyse visitors to the website.

User surveillance softwares may save more detailed visitor information than the above-mentioned Google Analytics. However, the visitor information collected cannot be connected to the particular visitor or his/her family or people living in the same household. Softwares may be used for example to present content personalized according to defined behavioural rules or to identify mouse/cursor movements on the Experience KL Oy website. 

Google Analytics also collects information on visitors’ interests based on sites the visitor’s browser has been to in the Google Display Network and evaluates the visitor’s demographic information based on this. Google analytics only contains anonymous information on the assumed interests and assumed demographic information of the visitor groups. Information on pages visited or single visitors is not collected. We will provide information on the softwares used at the time and the data they save on request. Most of these softwares can also be identified based on the source code of Experience KL Oy website. 

More information on Google analytics surveillance on the Google Privacy Policy page. Google Analytics surveillance may be blocked: read more.

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy when necessary. That is why it is recommended that you read our Privacy Policy regularly.

Thank you!