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Environmental policy of the Kylmäluoma and the Hossa Trekking Centres / Experience KL Oy


Practical actions are carried out e.g. with the following actions

With the Green Key certificate, we are even more committed to increasing the environmental awareness of our personnel and customers, both by reducing energy and water consumption and by reducing the environmental burden. The environmental burden can be reduced, for example, by reducing the amount of waste and by recycling, as well as using environmentally friendly cleaning products. We aim to reduce the use of detergents, too. A significant part of our company’s environmentally friendly practises is using 100% renewable energy. We use continuous monitoring, guidance and training for our staff as tools in facilitating our environmental operations. Together with our partners, we also want to support sustainable development and tourism.

Green Key

Our company was founded in 2009. We operate in the Finnish Forest Administration’s premises in the Hossa National Park and in the Kylmäluoma trekking area. Our services include accommodations, camping and dining services. We are in close cooperation with the Finnish Forest Administration, and from the start, our operations have been based on the Forest Administration’s environmental policy values and strategies.

Responsibility plan

Our trekking centres operate in the middle of the most beautiful nature of Kainuu and Koillismaa, in the national park and hiking area. We take the environment into account in our operations, and our goal is to think and work sustainably while respecting nature. We guide our customers in trekking litter-free, and in using marked routes as well as designated campfire sites. The waste disposal points in the area are clearly marked, and have containers for sorting waste. We also guide our customers in reducing their water and electricity consumption.

We use as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible in our food production, taking seasonal variation into account. As long as the baker is present, our kitchen also provides doughnuts and other delicacies. We also sell handicrafts made by local artisans as souvenirs.

Taina olkkola