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Relaxing and Action-Packed Outdoor Activities

It’s worth visiting both Hossa and Kylmäluoma, as both have their own characteristics possibilities for outdoor activities all the year round. The spectacular ridges and clear waters provide both trekking centres with wonderful opportunities for hiking and fishing.

Bear viewing

At Hossa, it is possible to depart on bear viewing and photography excursions, provided by local companies. Whilst at the bear-watching spots, one may also view wolverines, eagles and ospreys. Distance to the nearest bear-watching spot is around 20 km. Bear watching is possible from June to mid-August.


Kylmäluoma provides the possibility to catch large rainbow trout. The acclaimed fishing spots are easily accessible via short walks. In addition to the favored Iso-Pajuluoma Kylmäluoma offers numerous ponds and lakes, for both spinning and luring. It is also possible to rent a boat for fishing on Iso-Pajuluoma. Hossa is known for its natural stock of trout and grayling.

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Mountain biking

The area’s hiking trails and forest roads offer a plethora of options for mountain bikers. From Kylmäluoma, one can pedal along an old church path towards the village of Taivalkoski. The trails are easy to ride, as a rule, and they are suitable for biking. At Kylmäluoma, it is possible to rent bikes and fatbikes, and at Hossa it is possible to rent fatbikes. Maps of areas you will find from receptions.

You can find route maps at, and select Kylmäluoma Hiking Area or Hossa National Park as the destination. Mountain bike maps too at Jä – service, 

Bird spotting

It is worthwhile bringing your binoculars along when visiting Kylmäluoma and Hossa. With any luck, one may spot a red throated loon gliding on the water, or an osprey diving into the water. Kylmäluoma is a nationally significant nesting area for both species. At Hossa, one could also see the less common smew. Birds can be observed on one’s own or with a guide who knows the best places.


There are easy to walk trails departing from Hossa and Kylmäluoma for family excursions. Some of the routes are also suitable for the disabled. The trails with fireplace spots and places for overnight stays, maintained by the State Forest Enterprise, guarantee successful treks. The visitor centers sell trail maps, which will help in the planning of suitable routes.  In Kylmäluoma area you can see a storm damages from summer 2021, but all routes are now open.

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Kylmäluoman nature trail presentation

Canoeing and boating

Hossa is one of the best water excursion destinations in Finland. Kylmäluoma’s numerous ponds and lakes provide excellent starting points for canoeing and boating. Koillismaa’s famous Iijoki river is also a great local spot for water activities. Several fireplace spots on trails are located on shorelines, so it’s easy to take advantage of the waterways whilst on treks.


Kylmäluoma’s 18-hole frisbee golf course is freely available to everyone. Equipment can be rented and course maps can be bought from the visitor centers reception. The approximately 3 km-long course starts off from behind the reception building.

Track introduction

Area services

Several tourism companies function around the Hossa National Park area. Their range is diverse in nature, sports, as well as dining experiences.

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The best-known places to visit in the Hossa National park include the rock paintings of Värikallio as well as the canyon-lake Julma-Ölkky, and also visitor centre. From Kylmäluoma, it is easy to visit the childhood home of writer-professor Kalle Päätalo, Kallioniemi, Jokijärvi (27 km). Also worth seeing and experiencing is Finland’s oldest village shop, Jalava shop, in Taivalkoski (47 km). 

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Program services

Employees of Hossa and Kylmäluoma trekking centers can, by request, implement programme services and catering outdoors. Customized programme services are well suited, for example, as part of meetings. More information on the area’s programme services can be obtained from the reception centers.

Berry and mushroom picking

Everyman’s rights mean that everyone can pick berries and mushrooms in the area. Berry buckets can be filled with blueberries, cloudberries, rubus, lingonberries and cranberries. Coniferous forests can also offer, among other things, cepes, brittlegills and milk-caps.


Hossa’s clear waters are ideally suited to diving. Hossa’s Ollörijärvi maintenance building can be freely used by divers. Underwater diver’s docks have been made for the approximately 40 meters deep Öllöri.


Kylmäluoma offers small game hunters extensive state hunting grounds right next to the hiking center. Hunting permits are also available for the lands of local hunting clubs, and in addition, the common forest areas of Kuusamo are close to the Kylmäluoma hiking area. Also in Hossa outside the national park, there are enough state hunting grounds.

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Snowshoes give you the freedom to walk in the middle of silent forests. By following signs of trekking trails, it is convenient to do a route, according to one’s own fitness.


Hossa has around 40 kilometers of skiing tracks, and multi-function tracks. Kylmäluoma has a 5 kilometres cross country trail. On that track you can also ski in the skating style. The ski trails are, mostly, easy in difficulty levels.

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Snowmobile routes can be made, even between the centers of Hossa and Kylmäluoma. Driving on routes made by Local snowmobile associations, municipalities and the State Forest Enterprise require a permit.

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